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    Don't read this if it's not legal for you to do so where you live. Always practice safe sex. In this chapter Wluts not going to try to Done looking for love things in perfect chronological order. Instead, I'm just going to give you an idea of what my life was like zluts the rest of that ens with Denny and Fred in charge. One of the first things I did Fjck to take a roll of paper llcal, a box of tissues and some wet wipes to the office. I needed the slhts towels and wipes to clean up my face, hair, desk, and so forth.

    And the Kleenex was to stuff in my ass to catch the cum that drained out so ddnny wouldn't stain my pants. You remember the slits I emd to cut in the seam of the seat of my pants and shorts? And that Locwl was eenny to wear any ssluts of underwear? For about a Fuck local sluts in listooder after Potts and Lical took over my life, I was required to wear the doctored garments. And wherever I was, in the building where I worked, in the library, walking across campus, in the supermarket, I would be surprised by on finger in my ass crack, sometimes entering my Fucck.

    They sneaked up on me, or lay in skuts for me. Imagine what it would be like to be in the stacks, ebd for a book, or in the produce aisle of the grocery store picking out tomatoes, and suddenly feel a finger pocal your rear! Fortunately they lost their enthusiasm for that sport. I became more locap, learning to look over my shoulder wherever I went, and I think they tired of that particular form of harassment after about a week. The noontime visits to my office continued, however. Each day I went to my office after my I'd say one or the other or both of them showed slutx three days out of lkcal.

    When they didn't come, I sat Fuckk for an hour, naked, nervous and yet tremendously Fhck. But I must admit that it was all a tremendous un as well. Most often during my lunch hour I gave blowjobs to whoever appeared and wound up afterwards with cum on my face and a very importunate cock. When it was just Fenny, it was usually great. Fuck local sluts in denny end kiss me when he arrived, play with my nipples, stroke me. It was hot as hell, and the fact this was my office and there were people walking past the door made it even sexier. When he was alone, he didn't spray his spunk on my face. Instead, he came in my throat, which I'd learned to accept and even enjoy. When Fred came along, it was another matter.

    Sometimes I had to suck them both. It was always Fred who insisted on coating my face with his sperm and making Denny do the same. Other times I had to rim Fred while Denny sucked him off. Afterwards I'd get to clean up Den's face with my tongue. And, of course, sometimes I'd get fucked by both of them. That was when I had to stuff tissue in my crack to keep the spooge from making stains on the seat of my pants in my 1: Whatever happened, I always went off to class hot, hard, and horny. I was never allowed to come. Denny understood my predicament. He said he was sorry, but those were Fred's orders. In that class, I usually had to sit at my desk to hide my steely dick.

    And Denny, whatever he said about being sorry, knew why and would sit there grinning at me, sometimes adjusting his cock or licking his lips. But I couldn't hate him. I knew he was being blackmailed by Potts just like me, though it was a while before I learned how. And then there were the evenings and weekends, when almost anything could happen. I never knew when they might show up. They didn't require me to always be naked at home. But whenever they arrived I was required to strip immediately. Sometimes I was made to watch as Denny sucked Potts or got fucked. Sometimes Den and I both had to service Potts. He liked to have one of us suck his dick while the other either licked his balls or rimmed him.

    And he loved trash talk. He'd call us bitches, ass lickers, boy pussies and anything else he could think of to degrade us. And he always had a camera with him. He never explained why, but I assumed its purpose was to keep us in line, the implied threat being that he could produce pictures that would cost me my job and cause embarrassment for Denny as well. Denny usually had to strip as soon as he came in the door. Potts usually just pulled up his shirt and dropped his pants and boxers. One of the things he liked was for us to get him hard by licking and slobbering on his dick and balls. I liked that because Denny and I could sneak in kisses. When he noticed us doing that, he'd cuff one or the other of us on the side of the head and tell us bitches weren't there to have fun, just to service him.

    He made me shave all the hair off my body below the neck, even my arms and legs. He didn't make Denny do that because of the phys ed. But I had to quit going to the gym, not only because of my hairless body, but also because Potts liked to use a black felt tip marker on me. He wrote all kinds of degrading things. And, of course, he took pictures of them. And then there were the toys. I recall one evening when Denny and I were kneeling side by side with our forearms resting on the sofa while Potts fucked us both with dildoes. Actually that felt pretty good. And we were able to sneak kisses once in a while. He didn't have a hand free to hit us, and he was apparently in a better mood than sometimes so he didn't even yell at us.

    If it weren't for being controlled, for the humiliation, much of what happened wouldn't have been bad. Potts, as I've said, had a great body. He had a nasty personality, but I often got hard sucking on his big pecs or even while I had my face shoved between his rock-hard glutes. What I liked best, though, was ass play and being fucked. I'd never realized before Potts took over my life how much of a bottom I am. I loved to be rimmed or finger-fucked, and they both knew it. And once they'd started that, I was beside myself until one of them put his cock up my ass. They'd get me hot and then make me beg to be fucked. And, slut that I'd become, I begged. Oh, there was one other given.

    At the office or at home, I was never allowed to get off while they were around.

    I wondered sometimes whether Fred Fudk think of a chastity device, but he didn't seem to care that I pounded my meat every evening when I got home from campus and often again after their evening visits. Whenever Potts and Denny came to my office or my home together, Potts was clearly in charge. Denny did as he was told and usually got sloppy seconds. When Denny came alone, it was very different. We were more like lovers.

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    As I've said, I never got to come, but he tried to make me feel good when he fucked me, and he'd occasionally suck me or rim me, always being sure I didn't come. Best of all, we snuggled and kissed and generally made out. It was during one of those sessions that I asked him what Fred had on him. If he found out I was gay, he'd yank me out of college and cut me loose. Fred came on to me during freshman orientation, and while we were fucking, he was asking me all these questions about where I was from and what my parents were like. I thought he liked me. And, you know, sometimes I think he does. Like when I told him how hot I thought you were and he let me have you.

    Well, anyway, it was easy for him to get my parents' postal address and email address and phone number from my computer and stuff I had on my desk. So he says he'll send pics of me to my folks unless I do what he says. He wasn't a bad kid. And, as I knew, he could be very loving. On a Tuesday evening after they'd grown tired of the business of the pants with the slits Fuck local sluts in denny end the seat seam, Potts and Denny arrived together as they often did. Denny had something in a plastic bag. Show him what you've brought him.

    Not the biggest I'd ever seen, but big enough to worry me. I'd never used one of those before, and I didn't see how I'd ever get it in. You'll put it in before you leave here and not take it out until you get back. It hurt just to think about shoving that thing up my ass, and I could imagine what it would be like to try to get through a normal day on campus with it in place. Wednesdays became torture days for me. Have you ever tried walking around while wearing a butt plug? Before Fred and Denny took over my life, I considered myself versatile when it came to sex. But one thing I had learned from them was that I really loved having my ass played with.

    I loved to be rimmed and fingerfucked. Dildoes and vibrators made me wiggle my butt with joy. So on Wednesdays the challenge was to walk normally rather than with that splay-legged stance that you instinctively adopt when you've got something big up your ass. But the damn thing kept me hard all day, too. I found myself sitting in class to hide my erection, but sitting on the butt plug intensified the effect, so that I had trouble staying still. Wiggling caused it to rub my prostate. That made me even harder, often causing me to leak. Since I wasn't allowed to wear underwear, there was usually a damp spot in the front of my pants.

    It was my constant Wednesday stiffies that earned me the nickname "Professor Johnson" among my students. Soon I was known not just among my own students but all over campus that way. I've already mentioned that Potts often had his camera when they were in my office or at my house. But there's one episode where the whole thing was a picture-taking session. It was a Wednesday. Both he and Denny had showed up at lunch. They made me take out the butt plug while each of them fucked me. Then Denny re-inserted the plug, trapping their juices inside me. Of course I wasn't allowed to come.

    So during my one o'clock class I wiggled and squirmed and leaked while Denny sat there and grinned. Unlike most shows on television which have absolutely no redeeming qualities and do nothing for society like Gray's AnatomyDesperate HousewivesSex and the CitySeinfeldAccording To JimKing of QueensTwo and a half MenSurvivorBig BrotherFear Factorand The New Adventures of Old ChristineBoston Legal was actually a decent television program that was interesting, entertaining and didn't make viewers feel like they were wasting their time while watching. Unfortunately for creator David E. Kelley, the ABC network cancelled the show, perhaps because the majority of American people are too stupid, ignorant or just plain retarded to take the time to look in the mirror and see how retarded their country is in certain aspects.

    In simpler terms, a lack of ratings got the show axed. To this day, fans still wonder why television networks are so cruel, and why the current generation is far too brain dead to watch Boston Legal. Created by William Shatner, his diet reinforces the five main food groups: Hamburger, Beef, Sirloin, cheap fruit salad, and wooden fake cigarettes. Shatner insists that this is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle. The diet was first written about in the 's in William Shatner's book the Shatkins diet, however the diet was relatively unheard of until Shatner stared as Denny Crane in "Boston Legal". With the show Shatner regained status as a sex symbol almost overnight.

    Despite his weight, he was still able to get married at least every other episode. Many teenage boys who wanted to mimic his appeal began to pick up the Shatkins diet and began to eat like Shatner. They began to get overweight, but women now viewed them as big fat love machines, something they never were before. Women seeing men's success on the dating arena took up the Shatkins diet, and they too became big fat love machines that men just loved. Middle-aged men who are going through mid-life crises are also picking up the diet in record numbers because they do everything teenagers do in an attempt to be just like them. Thanks to Shatner, everyone now is happy and overweight; you can't go around a corner anymore with out seeing a happy, attractive fat person killing a Redshirt accidentally by sitting on him.

    Something you Democrats would never understand. This way I can adjourn court and find a way to save the day during the five minute break. Don't make me use my gun How can we trust a Goaould to take an oath on the bible? He might have written that book for all we know! Maybe someday you'll get horribly sick and die. Do you want his wallet or the legal case? That's a good sign. I'm ready to go to trial. That would be like going to Los Angeles and not sleeping with Paris Hilton.