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    So with that being said, you and your partner will need to choose wisely. Get on the same page about what type of third you're looking for, and why. Someone You Know There are a few obvious pros and cons to inviting someone you or your partner or both of you are acquainted with. If it's a female friend of yours, be prepared for accusations to fly. Even the most chill woman will likely feel some type of way about you suggesting your supposed "platonic" lady friend to join in on your festivities. And if even if your lady is the one making the suggestion, it's likely a trap that you're walking right into. Basically, this one's a no-go.

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    Seriously, she'll know, and that'll just ruin the whole thing. Not having a threesome is much better than having an unenthusiastic one. Plus, if you're the jealous type, watching some other guy with your partner is probably not for you. Before The Threesome So, you've found your third person. In order to make sure everything else goes off without a hitch, it's time to set some ground rules, and figure out a game plan. An easy first step should be to figure out where you're having it. If you and your partner are most comfortable having it happen at your place, talk about where in your home or apartment the action is going to go down.

    Maybe your partner would prefer that you guys keep it out of your personal room, and instead utilize the couch or spare room you have. Or maybe you want to start things off with a steamy group shower, and move from there. The more logistics you can nail down, the more seamless the whole thing will go. Easing myself slowly up and down, feeling the tension in his arms as he gripped tightly to me, I almost forgot that there were other people in the room. That just seemed like the natural thing, initially: I worried less about disturbing people because she was joining in now. I wondered if anyone else would.

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