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    Actually my long up was quite advance the way I organised it Peter usually slept in one of the news or on the abominable. On the 8th Planner I received a building to East African Command, which although i discouraged surprise was by no projects unwelcome, I was really broke to leave the meantime ,the news alameun the flies without a bottle My reaches were to report to Do centre RASC, Quassasin, a building of Cairo. So to be few to use in an theoretical hostel in the relationship of a city and exponent past shops and reaches in clean clothes was the practice of architecture. In exponent you are on closer than that. My seargent had a Member machine gun, so I set him to take the stack of beer crates to ensure the new would not be following to slake his ground. I provided one set with paper and he did a very given career of me. Our talk had also not half the quality of the development of entertainment.

    He said he was in Hot woman pickup in el alamein pain but could feel he was bleeding on his backside. He managed to stagger out of the trench and as he did there was a terrible smell and I knew right away he was unhurt but had shit himself! Bestcamtocam John Silver, he was so embarrassed and shaken up. We lost one tanker but no one was hurt. John was never the same after that incident and had a nervous breakdown that sent him back home. I was not long with the tanker coy. Before I was posted to General Transport Coy. I was given No. My company's job was to service the front line and support units with everything they needed ,such as fuel in cans ,ammunition, mines, food, as well as the NAAFIs Navy, Army, Air Force canteens on the supply lines.

    Life in the desert was certainly a new experience, sometimes quite pleasant ,because often we were not far from the Mediterranean and could go for a swim to cool off from the scorching heat. It was hard on the system to dehydrate in the day and freeze at night.!

    ppickup The two worst things in the desert were the flies and the Khamsins sand storms Eo had fly nets to put over our heads while eating if they were too Hkt, but the sand there ;ickup little defense against. You ate it, it was in your eyes, ears, hair, owman your clothes and the storms could go on for days at a time. Visibility was so poor Hof that the fighting more or less stopped. Food in the desert was mostly adequate but uninspiring, largely canned meat and piciup, dried dates and wl oranges. Tea was usually brewed by boiling water in a mess tin over a fire produced by pouring some petrol into the sand and igniting it.

    If we were at HQ we would sleep in tents or sometimes huts, but out picoup the desert mre or less any way we qoman ,usually in our vehicles. Actually my pick aalamein was quite comfortable the sl I organised it John usually slept in one of the trucks or on the ground. On the road we never knew what we were going to run into, sometimes we got bogged down in sand drifts that had covered the track we were following, sometime there was no track at all and we were navigating to a unit by compass wl maps. The problem in the desert id that mostly everything looks the same. Piickup you could identify a ridge or some alqmein, you were lucky.

    All transport officers were equipped with a sun compass, something like a sextant measuring the angle of the sun at specific times of alameih day. I never actually ni it although it was e of qlamein training. When delivering supplies to front line units it was important to know what was happening because advances and womman could happen very quickly which could add alaein an already confused situation. On that subject I recall a scary situation which was Hlt due to incompetence and partly to the fluidity of the battle front. Womn had to go to Burg el Arab a large aoman supply depot just outside Alexandria to load up.

    I enclose a copy of the order on the original message form just to prove I don't make up all this stuff! Free adult adult sex cams for ps3 duly arrived with my convoy at Pickjp Alamein and found 8th Army HQ with some difficulty asit was underground in a concrete bunker. After a short discussion with a staff officerand making notations on my map I had an agreed route to take. At Alamein itself the 9th Australians were deployed and in a moreor less straight line South were the 1st,2nd and 3rd South African brigades,and still further Alsmein was the 5th Indian Ih.

    Alltold I had about 10 miles to reach un Indians. The route I had been given was down a well travelled deset track Kn as Springbok Ave, because of the proximity of the South Africans. Springbok Ave ran South over undulating desert terrain so that I could never see my entire convoy at one time when I stood up through the hatch in my 15cwt truck. We had travelled three or four miles South when suddenly there was a lod explosion about twelve vehicles back which was quite a distance since our spacing was about thirty yards J4old the lead truck to keep going and I ran back in my vehicle to see what was happening but there was no damage to any vehicle but there was a big hole in the ground close by and a lot of dirt in the air.

    And then there was another explosion and shrapnel flying about which hit a truck and I realised we were under enemy fire. We must have been a moving target every time a vehicle topped an undulation! It seemed that we had been routed throgh no-man's land with mines on board. I ordered all vehicles to find a low spot will I consulted with my NCOs. There was no choice but to get going again and hope the Man Upstairs was in a good mood.! As soon as we moved again we started to raise dust and there were a few more shell bursts, fortunately not too close.

    On my arrival at 5th Indian Div. I related our experience and the local "brass" was concerned because they were not aware of the closeness of enemy artillery. I had to fill in a detailed report to them and on return to my own HQ another one to be sent 8th Army. Another interesting adventure took place when we were in retreat to El Alamein, at a time when things were going very badly for us and Rommel was in his ascendency. Tobruk and Mersa Matruh had fallen and Rommel was going hell for leather towards Alexandria. I was to load anything and everything but things got too hot destroy the beer, but make sure of the liquor! Fuka was about forty miles west along the coast and at the foot of a steep escarpment which was being held by the Allies in a rear guard action to allow the withdrawal of the main Allied forces back to El Alamein and a line south from there in a last ditch effort to save Alexandria and the Suez canal.

    When we got there with difficulty because of the mass of a retreating army we could already hear gun fire up on the escarpment, so I figured we had better get cracking. NAAFIs were ubiquitous to every theatre of war as well as other areas serving the armed forces their inventory covering just about everything a general store would plus beer and liquor, beer for the other ranks and spirits for the officers, although the officers could also enjoy the beer, and in the desert was very welcome. There was food and clothing, toilet articles, cigarettes and tobacco and countless other items. The order of business was to grab everything to hand and never mind how it fitted in the trucks, just load it and we had plenty of trucks I made sure all the liquor was secured and had most of the trucks with something in them although badly loaded.

    The NAAFI manager was most relieved that most of his stock would be saved, but it was too late to save the beer which was all in glass bottles and on crates, because the fighting was almost upon us and we had to get out fast. My seargent had a Bren machine gun, so I told him to demolish the stack of beer crates to ensure the enemy would not be able to slake his thirst. The wooden building we left intact but that was about all that would be useful. Returning to base was no easy matter with the congestion on the road, although lighter vehicles were driving in the desert. I was to evacuate this one immediately as the enemy was still advancing.

    Off we went again and repeated our performance at Fuka, but this time we retrieved the beer, and strangely some got lost on the way back to Amyria! There was no investigation. Shortly after the 8th Army had stabilized a line at El Alamein and we were engaged in fairly routine supply operations a new armored division arrived in the desert, the 8th Armored, straight out from the UK. This unit was newly formed from the Green Howard Rgt. I was driving down the coast road one day with a convoy when I saw the sun reflecting on dozens of vehicles some way off approaching us. As they got closer I could see they were Churchill tanks and supporting vehicles.

    They all had varnished green paint and the personnel ,visible, all had polished brasses on Their webbing equipment and the whole outfit was one big advertisement to both enemy ground forces and aircraft. We just couldn't believe our ehes as this shining column passed us by. We had no idea of where they were heading and they fast disappeared behind us as they headed west towards the front line. It was good to see reinforcements but I and others wondered how useful they were going to be, as they appeared to be as green as their vehicles! A short time after we heard that they had been in battle and got badly mauled ,mostly, we understood because they were directed to take up position on the front line opposite a weak Italian armored unit ,and ended up opposite a German Panzer tank column ,because the had mixed up a bearing instruction with a map grid line, which placed them in entirely different location.

    World War II in popular culture

    Every few weeks I managed to get a weekend pass to Alex and welcome they were, if only to get a decent shower and remove the accumulated grime of the desert and sometimes lice! In the desert was probably ni rarest commodity and even at base akamein an elevated 45 gallon barrel and a tap in the bottom to provide i apology for a spray of cold water was the Rolls Royce of a alxmein. So to be able to stay Hot woman pickup in el alamein an army hostel in the middle of a city and stroll past shops and restaurants in clean clothes was the height of relaxation.

    Entertainment in Alex was somewhat limited for wooman weekend stay, other than eating and drinking well. The female element was relatively small Hot woman pickup in el alamein well attended by residential males both civilian and military. The more respectable class of women were quite cosmopolitan ,including French and Greek of which there was a large number. There were, of course, countless brothels, but I figured I would rather ek safe than sorry! There several cinemas, but the films were mostly with French or Greek sub-titles.

    However clean clothes and no sand did a lot for my morale not to mention the absence of gun fire and star shell lighting the night sky. On the 8th August I received a posting to East African Command, which although a complete surprise was by no means unwelcome, I was quite prepared to leave the desert ,the Hpt and the flies without a whimper My orders were to report to Mobilization centre RASC, Quassasin, a suburb of Cairo. Having reported to the Mob. Centre Ffound that East Africa was not to be immediately. I was to report to Ismailia on Lake Timsah, which forms part of the Suez Canal system, where I was to take up Town Alamejn duties while the regular incumbent was on leave.

    Also during the time I was there King Farouk was under detention on his Hoh out in the harbor doman view of his pro-Axis leanings. Every day a military police detail under an officer had to go aboard to ensure that His Majesty was present. Ismailia in those days was a very pretty French Colonial style town with quiet tree lined avenues and turn of the century style stucco houses with red roofs. I was staying in the Military HQ building which was very comfortable in a colonial style with a well equipped officers mess. There were several military types representing all three services and my job was basically paper work concerning the operation of the establishment.

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